Non Surgical Procedures

â–º Dr. Simo talks about the importance of skin care in his practice and his commitment to skincare with the addition of Spaderma to his medical practice. In this video you will learn his relations hip and involvement in the medical spa within his practice. Spaderma is physician-supervised by Dr. Simo.

MOHS Repair Surgery

â–º Heather Hawk with Smart Living interviews, Mary, a patient of Dr. Simo’s. Mary is a skin cancer survivor and discusses her experience with her MOHS surgery by her MOHS Specialist and her surgical repair by Dr. Simo.

Sciton™ Laser (Treatment of wrinkles, sun damage, unsightly veins, age spots and hair removal)

â–º The Sciton Laser is the laser of choice by Dr. Frank Simo and his medical estheticians of Spaderma. This video reviews the laser treatments available at Spaderma as well as before and after photos of the different laser procedures.

Radiesse® Injectable Filler

â–º The patient education video will give you the information necessary to make the choice that is right for you regarding injectable fillers.

Restylane® and Perlane® Injectable Fillers

â–º Restylane and Perlane are dermal fillers for various areas of the face. This video will provide educational information regarding the application of these injectable fillers.