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Laser Treatments and Procedures

Laser treatments are an advanced approach to skincare. Our Sciton® Laser, ongoing training, certification, and guidance from Dr. Simo allow our patients to be given the opportunity to achieve the best results possible. We offer several laser options to treat skin conditions such as poor texture, fine lines, pigment, acne scarring, age spots, and facial veins.

The HALO Laser
Everyone’s skin is different. Everyone’s needs are different. Halo allows your clinician to customize your treatment to the downtime you have available and the results you want. Need to be back at work tomorrow? A light treatment creates silky smooth, vibrant skin that’s ready for makeup the next day. Want to wow them? A more aggressive treatment will give your skin a deep youthful glow with just a few days of downtime. Ask your clinician today about Halo and restore your glow.

Halo precisely targets years of damage to your skin, including:

  • Discoloration
  • Sun damage
  • Visible signs of aging
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Enlarged pores
  • Poor texture
  • Fine lines*
  • Scar revision*

*only with Halo Hybrid Treatments

The MicroLaser Peel, an advanced erbium laser that decreases fine lines and wrinkles in the face, neck and chest, is many times referred to the “weekend peel” because patients can have the procedure on a Thursday and return to work on Monday. With minimum downtime of 3 to 4 days, the post-treatment effects resemble a sunburn with sloughing of the skin on the third or fourth day. With a series of treatments you can achieve the results of a much deeper peel without anesthesia and extensive downtime. We use an integrated cooling system that allows minimal discomfort.

We also offer the Broad Band Light (BBL) which is similar toIntense Pulsed Light (IPL) and treats brown pigment, red pigment, rosacea, acne, secondary hair removal and can overall rejuvenate the skin. This is a non-invasive and gentle procedure with virtually no down-time. In most cases, you will be able to return to work, apply make-up and resume most of your activities right away.

We are very excited about our laser treatments and the specific skin care treatment plan that we can offer with each one. Call today for a consult appointment do discuss how these laser treatments can benefit you.

Microneedling (Non-Laser)

A minimally invasive skin rejuvenation procedure that improves finelines, wrinkles, acne scars, skin discoloration and other conditions by stimulating your skin's natural ability to repair itself.  This procedure has little or no downtime


People of all skin types can benefit from a facial. Regular facials can help keep your skin healthy and beautiful. A clinical esthetician will always provide you with a thorough skin analysis to determine which facial is right for you. A variety of facials for men, teenagers, the back area and people with acne or problematic skin are available.

Spaderma Signature Facial: People with all types of skin will love the benefits of this relaxing facial. A clinical esthetician will provide a thorough skin analysis and customize this treatment to fit your individual needs. It is a perfect choice for a first time facial at Spaderma, leaving your skin clean and hydrated.

Vitamin C Antioxidant Facial: An antioxidant rich facial. This treatment uses a special vitamin C mask to penetrate deep into the epidermis of the skin, leaving a firmer appearance and more radiant complexion.

Hydrating Firming Facial: I deal for dehydrated, aging, environmentally damaged skin. Hydrating and protecting products are used to leave the skin healthier, firmer and hydrated.

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial: Perfect for anyone with congested, inflamed, or irritated skin. A combination of antibacterial, as well as soothing products, are used to reduce congestion and oil production, without over drying the skin.

Dermaplaning is a safe and effective way of exfoliating the skin. This modified blade technique removes the outermost layers of the skin. A mild peel is added for even greater exfoliation. This is also a great way to remove facial hair.

We offer several types of Masks that can be added to any service. These masks are formulated to replenish, firm or purify to further enhance the skin.

OxyTrio is an excellent treatment for sluggish, tired skin due to environmental damage and improper diet.  This treatment is extremely effective but gentle. It can be performed weekly.

The Ultrasonic Treatment stimulates the body’s cells by raising temperature in the skin, increasing your metabolic rate.  The increase in circulation starts a chain of beneficial events for skin, including debris removal, healing and regeneration.

A Hydrating Eye Treatment is available with any facial service. Designed to hydrate, soften lines, reduce puffiness and dark circles, as well as alleviate sinus pressure.

Chemical Treatments/Peels

Chemical peels help to exfoliate the dead skin cells both on the surface of the skin as well as within the cell layers. Spaderma offers a variety of peels to improve concerns such as hyperpigmentation, acne, rosacea, sun damage, texture, and aging. Chemical peels are a great add-on to most facials. Minimum down time is to be expected with light to medium peels.

Light to Medium Peels

A variety of PCA and SkinCeutical peels consisting of glycolic, salicylic, hydroquinone, TCA and lactic acids are available.

Medium to Deep Peels

A combination of TCA, Phenol, Salicylic,Retinal and Vitamin C help to improve the overall appearance of the skin.  These peels can help elimate hyper pigmentation, enlarged pores, acne scars and melasma. They can also help stimulate collagen reproduction and soften fine lines and wrinkles. For all skin types and ethnicities.

SkinCeuticals Pigment Balancing Peel: This peel combines brightening and anti-inflammatory agents to accelerate cell turnover and help eliminate hyperpigmentation .Applied to the skin, in mask form, this peel helps to improve photo-damaged, uneven, aging skin.

Medical Microdermabrasion: An aggressive two step treatment. Ideal for thick, pigmented, and sun damaged skin. The skin is first treated using microdermabrasion to remove dead skin cells. The skin is then treated with a customized chemical peel, further stimulating the exfoliation process. A hydrating mask or Oxymist treatment is recommended as an add-on to this service, giving the skin continued hydration.

*Microdermabrasion is also available as an individual treatment

Waxing, Tinting and Lash Treatments

Spaderma offers precise techniques for hair removal. We use skin-friendly, antibacterial wax that is gentle and effective. Tinting is available for both eyebrows and eyelashes. We also offer a lash perm to enhance lashes for curling and lifting.

Permanent Cosmetics

Our Permanent Cosmetic Artist, Stephanie Evans, offers precision results, with less trauma to your skin. Procedures offered for permanent make-up are Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Lip Liner, Lip Color, Scar Camouflage, Areola Restoration and masking of Vitiligo, Freckles, and Stretch Marks. Click here for more information.